Investors and partnersThe green economy is growing and it is one of the most active and vibrating industries. Investment in this field have grown in the last few years, and they are expected to increase even more in the near future. According to German-based Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the global market volume for “environmental technologies” will reach a projected $2,740 billion by 2020.
 Many policies and European and global programs are pushing to develop sustainable models for the economy, by setting ambitious goals.
But most importantly many players in the industry are proving that investing in these sectors is not only ethical and environmentally fair, but also cost-efficient.
Companies that are committed in enabling advancements in energetic transition and proper use of the planet resources through a circular economy approach, are one step ahead of others in finding the best solutions to both preserve the planet and still find ways to achieve economic growth and benefits.

Local communities and institutionsLocal institutions are now aware of the fact that in order to ensure communities health, safety and wellness, they need to comply with policies which reserve a special attention to the environment.
Embracing new technologies constitutes a way to evaluate new solutions to current issues, by thinking outside the standard mindset. Involvement of the community in the evolution toward a sustainable economic model is fundamental, making communities aware of the benefits which are at stake for everyone.
GRT Group is committed in leaving a positive environmental and social footprint, by making people sensitive about the importance of the planet limited resources and about the value of waste, and the role that it can play in ameliorating the environment where we live.
GRT is also working in order to provide clean fuels, responding to the need of communities to reduce their environmental footprint, to decrease earth limited resources exploitation and to extract value from waste reducing local pollution and damages to the ecosystems.


Plastic recovery facilitiesPlastic recovery companies now face the challenge of huge amount of non-recyclable plastics available and they are in need of a both economically and environmentally interesting destination.
Those kinds of companies need to find sustainable ways to give value to non-recyclable plastic waste in a way that reemit them in the system, in line with circular economy principles.
Supplying GRT Group with such kind of plastic (PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE), would reduce the environmental impact of their elimination, usually performed through incineration, causing high CO2 emissions, or landfilling.

Oil off-takers

GRT Group opens the way to this evolution for oil distribution, refining and extraction companies, that, distributing clean fuel produced from non-recyclable plastics, are able to reduce CO2 emissions from extraction, refining and transportation, to turn to a local production and to allow their costumers to pollute less (-70% of CO2 emissions if the all fuel value chain is considered).


Gas/Energy suppliersIn order to enable the energetic transition from fossil to renewable fuels, energy suppliers need to address the issue of stable, seasonal/long-term and cost-efficient energy storage.
Many forms of storage are available. Each of them has its pros and cons.
Working on improving efficiency and long-term storage methods means moving towards solutions who are less costly.
Hydrogen has a great potential as energy vector. However, its downsides need to be worked out by exploring other means of storing Hydrogen so as to make them easy and safe to transport and handle, and, as a consequence, less costly.
GRT Group works on developing those kind of solutions, with the contribution of other players in the industry.

Fuel cell systems manufacturersFuel cell systems manufacturers are in need of solutions to overcome issues linked to Hydrogen.
The most critical points are pressure storage and transportation cost.
Addressing those issues would allow a much more extensive use of Hydrogen powered fuel cell systems and it will unlock the expansion of a market linked to Hydrogen which, as of today, is still limited.
Our solution offers a safe, low pressure Hydrogen storage with simple, low temperature reforming.
The production of Hydrogen is made locally, any time when needed, and with improved security.


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