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5 facts about air pollution in Europe

Experts say not enough attention is given to the state of air in the EU. The European Court of Auditors has published a report highlighting few alarming facts about the current situation. Results were summarized in an article appeared on the META, the news channel of the European Environmental Bureau. 1st fact: air evaluation systems […]

Evergreen Recycle: “You recycle, I reward you”

What can we do to make our economy more circular? We can start from the separate collection of waste, which allows to reinsert the materials collected in a new production process as secondary raw materials. According to Circle Economy’s Circularity Gap Report, the current percentage rate, calculated as the ratio between recycled materials and the […]

Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile 07.05.2018 – GRT Group among the founding companies of the “Circular Economy Network”

Among the first scheduled commitments for the “Circular Economy Network”: the creation of a prize to award the most innovative start-ups, the participation to the Green Economy States General in Economdo and the implementation of an annual report on the state of circular economy.Read the article: Nasce il Circular Economy Network, l’osservatorio della circolarità.

19.03.2018 – Hyform PEMFC presentation

GRT Group and EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) are happy to invite you to the Hyform PEMFC presentation. The machine is the world first integrated Formic Acid Fuel Cell 1 kWe system, and it allows to convert formic acid into Hydrogen, and then into electricity in an energetically efficient way. That constitutes an innovative energy storage solution that supports the energetic transition […]