Sustainable economy

A sustainable and environmentally friendly economic model is emerging,
supported by progress in technology and policies incentivising energetic transition.

* says PlasticsEurope, Plastics the facts 2016
** says Navigant Research, Energy Storage for Renewables Integration

  • +46%

    In energy recovery from plastic waste (2006-2014)*

  • +47%

    New energy storage capacity deployed globally in 2017**

We address

By 2050

More plastic than fish in the oceans (by weight)
-says Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The New Plastics Economy-


Of global greenhouse gas emissions are made of carbon dioxide
from fossil fuel use and industrial processes
-says IPCC, Climate Change 2014-


Of global final energy consumption is provided by renewables.
-says REN21, Renewable 2016 global status report-



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Formic acid fuel cell carries hydrogen over infrastructure obstacles

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Extreme climatic events (typhoons, heatwaves, and floods)..

Renewables: EU consumption in 2016 rises to 17%, Italy to 17.4%

Renewable energy consumption continues to grow in Europe…


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GRT Group is committed to transform non-recyclable plastic into valuable fuel and to accelerate the energy transition via a new concept of energy storage. These represent efficient solutions for today and tomorrow, addressing the issues of:
– CO2 emissions reduction;
– environment littering reduction;
– and energetic transition enabling;
in order to preserve the environment and to allow our economy to move to a cost-efficient sustainable model.


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